Selecting the Best Swim Goggles for you – Top 5 Tips

Are you confused about the best-fit goggles for your face? Or are you still going through trial and error in the pursuit of your favourite goggles? Well, there are an amazing selection of goggles available these days and depending on your purpose, you could be unknowingly selecting ill-fitting goggles. The “perfect fit goggles” are those…


Understanding Swimming Fatigue

Swimming fatigue can affect a swimmer’s performance particularly with the young ones. It usually occurs in training sessions that causes the reduction of energy levels and directly affect the movement, morale, productivity and enthusiasm of a person. There are many types of swimming fatigue that happens during a practice. These types can be acquired from…

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Preparing for a Swim Meet

Preparing for a Swim Meet: Being “race ready” in the weeks prior Swimming competition is an activity that requires thorough preparedness in order to have the strength that is required and to learn the techniques that will be influential in achieving victory. Preparing for competitive swimming is no easy feat. There is a need to…