Competitive Swimming – Top 5 Tips for the big Race Day

Swim stretch before race

After spending months to get ready for the race, the day has finally arrived. All that hard work all boils down to race day. When you are involved in competitive swimming, then you know that it’s at a swim meet when you will reap the benefits of all the time and effort you have put into the sport. Below are the top five tips to ensure that you maximise all your efforts on the actual day of the swim meet.

  1. Pack All the Necessities

You should make sure that you have packed all the items you need during the swim meet. Make sure you have your competition swimwear in the bag, along with an extra suit, cap, and goggles. If you are swimming both the trials and finals, then you need to have at least five towels or 2 towels that are guaranteed to dry quickly. You should also make sure that you have all the non-essential stuff such as your iPod to listen to relaxing or inspiring music. Don’t forget to make sure that it is charged before you go to the swim meet venue!!!

  1. Eat a Light Meal Before the Swim Meet

You should eat a banana and a bowl of cereal if the swim meet takes place in the morning. If it is an afternoon event, then eat a big breakfast and a light lunch. Be sure that you eat 1-2 hours before the swimming event. Some of the recommended food items include bananas, plain toast, crackers, pasta, bagels, fruits, vegetables, and breads. These foods are out of the stomach in two hours, which is why they should not be eaten more than three hours before swimming. Bananas contain potassium that can make you more resistant to fatigue. One of the things to avoid is sugar.

  1. Conserve Energy

During the day of the swim meet, you should consider resting your body. Avoid moving around and over-exerting yourself before swimming. If you have school during the day, you should not rush between your classes. You need to take your time when going from one place to another. That way you will be able to save your energy for later.

  1. Put On Sunscreen

If the swim meet takes place in an outdoor pool, then you should always apply a high UV protection sunscreen to prevent burning. It will take around 30 minutes to soak in your skin. This will also help prevent getting goggle tan marks!!!

  1. Drink Lots of Liquids

Water and electrolyte drinks are both recommended during the day of the swim meet. You should consider drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Lack of liquids in the body will affect your swimming performance.

We hope these 5 tips make your swim meet day all the more enjoyable and give you a calmer approach to racing.

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