Preparing for a Swim Meet

Swimmer listening music

Preparing for a Swim Meet: Being “race ready” in the weeks prior

Swimming competition is an activity that requires thorough preparedness in order to have the strength that is required and to learn the techniques that will be influential in achieving victory. Preparing for competitive swimming is no easy feat. There is a need to have the discipline that is required, and also the need to have long-term commitment. Keep on reading and learn more about the things that should be done as you prepare for a swimming competition.

Choosing your Competition Swimwear

If you are preparing for a competition, you should know that you cannot just wear any swimwear. It is important to put an emphasis on the selection of the right competition swimwear. Pay attention to the rules of the competition and see if the organising committee has specific rules with regards to the right swimwear. It should also have the perfect fit so that you will feel comfortable. It should also be made from materials that are less restrictive and should provide excellent compression. More importantly, competition swimwear should be made from high-quality materials with excellent chlorine resistance. If in doubt, ask your swim coach.

Follow the Right Diet

When preparing for competitive swimming, another thing that holds utmost importance is the right diet. In this case, it is recommended to avoid extreme hunger, especially during practice, as this can result in a lack of energy. Eating foods that are high in fibre will also be critical. Bananas, crackers, bagels, pasta, vegetables, and fruits are amongst the best to be eaten. In relation to the right diet, it is also important to hydrate properly. At least two to three litres of water is recommended daily.

Condition your Body through regular Training

As part of your preparation for the competition, obviously, you need to have swimming practice and regular exercise routines that will help in improving your physical capabilities to tackle the rigour of the sport. You should aim to achieve low body fat, which is important in competitive swimming because it is influential in having better agility and power. You need to get in the pool more often so that your body will be prepared for the main event. Prior to the race, make sure to have a warm-up routine, which will be mostly composed of stretching.

Listen to Good Music

Many would most probably find this to be a weird tip when it comes to preparing for competitive swimming. However, this is indeed one thing that can prove to be effective. Music can be therapeutic and can provide a soothing relief. It relaxes the mind and encourages concentration. Therefore, by listening to good music before a swimming competition, your mood is all set, and your mind will be more focused towards the goal – to win the race.