Secretary All Saints Swimming Club QLD


Secretary All Saints Swimming Club QLD

All Saints Swimming Club
All Saints Swimming Club

”Once again, the All Saints Swimming Club (Gold Coast QLD) would like to extend a huge thank you to Sportz Swimwear for your continued support of our organisation.

As you know, we are only a small swimming club with just a small contingent of workers, so we are eternally grateful to all our sponsors, for providing funding and product for us to utilise at our annual carnival.

This is the second year Sportz Swimwear have provided assistance to our club.

Your sponsorship is invaluable to the success of our annual winter carnival.

Having your swimwear & merchandise available for our visiting swimmers & families to purchase, offers an opportunity,  we as a small swimming club are normally inept to provide.

Your annual donation of a Swim Parka for our Raffle and the naming rights of an event contribute to the overall outcome of this major fundraising event for our  club.

Without your support and that of our many sponsors and volunteers we would not have had such a successful day.

Following every carnival, an Official Report is conducted by Swimming Gold Coast Officials who were in attendance at our carnival…..

This year we received our first 100% Report meaning that there was nothing we need to improve or look at prior to our carnival next year.

Receiving a result like this only comes from everyone’s positive contribution on the day.

We would sincerely like to thank you and your staff for providing us with not only your stall but also your support.

Kind Regards
Rose Unicomb,
Secretary All Saints Swimming Club QLD